BigX Global is a social gaming platform that brings together players from all over the world. As a committed entrant in the SEA mobile gaming industry, BigX Global is fully invested in bringing the most promising content from Chinese game developers, deep localization and publishing for international markets. Besides SEA, BigX Global also operates in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

BigX Global是一个聚集全世界玩家的社交游戏平台。作为东南亚专业的移动手机游戏发行公司,BigX Global致力于将中国精品手机游戏,深度国际化,并输出发行到国际市场。目前发行范围覆盖东南亚港台等地区。

About BigX Global

BigX Global was established in 2017 and currently has offices in Singapore, Beijing, and Jakarta. Its teams consist of former employees of various leading players in the SEA online games industry including Cherry Credits, Asiasoft, and Garena, with years of experience developing and operating numerous successful online games. Since its inception, BigX Global has added Chaos Arena, Gumballs & Dungeon, Shinobi Rebirth, Alpha Allianz, CityMon Go!, Mysteries of Warcraft and Tap Final Hero to its roster of successful products in the SEA market with the number of players rising rapidly.

公司成立于2017年,总部在新加坡,在北京,雅加达设有分部,BigX Global团队汇聚了来自SNDA、CherryCredits、Asiasoft、Garena等东南亚知名游戏发行公司的高级专业人才,曾经运作过多款优秀产品。公司自建立发行业务以来,先后运营发行了乱斗堂2、地下城物语、火影重生、阿尔法战记、城市精灵Go!、魔兽之谜、Tap Final Hero等多款大作,在东南亚地区成绩斐然,在线玩家数持续增长。